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By Vipul Singh

Nuevo Living is a top class manufacturer of modern furniture. It makes wide range of designer chairs and sofas, benches, tables, clocks and home decor. Nuevo focuses on modern furniture, contemporary dining rooms, living room, bedroom and outdoor furniture. Nuevo Living Furniture are very useful for commercial as well as residential places.

Nuevo Living is a modern furniture line known for its unique furniture designs in Occasional Chairs, Lounge Chairs, Dining Chairs, Sofas, Tables, Lighting, and Stools.

Nuevo Dining Chairs collections include – ameri, dante, swish, lisbon, leone, tribecca, eisner, wireback, titus, soho, sienna, johan, saal, cortez, paris, santo, pablo Collection.

Nuevo Bar Stool and Counter Stools come in matteo, lisbon, leone, fanning, gia, weston, lewis, alexander, wireback, ameri, dante Collections.

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Matteo bar and counter stool has a leather seating and back. The square chrome base and a hydraulic lift lets you reach both counter and bar heights with a simple adjustment. The seat and back give a high level of comfort and support and add a stylish appeal, making it nice for any modern bar or dining area.

Although Zuo Modern also features many furniture in the same design as Nuevo, Nuevo has a better class of furniture across the board. The comfort and durability are the two big selling factors for Nuevo.

Unique design and modern look of Nuevo Living becomes a symbol of art in your lounge area. It uses high-quality microfiber to ensure durability. Nuevo designs give higher level of comfort, relaxing your mind and body.

National Furniture Supply has been the authorized dealer for Nuevo Furniture for a long time. It not only provides the best price to end consumer but also world class service.

Nuevo Living sources its products from US and Canadian Warehouses. Normally delivery time varies from 1 to 3 weeks. It is always advisable to order the modern furniture in a multiple of 2 as it keeps the edges safe during shipping.

Nuevo has changed the entire landscape of Modern Furniture and lighting designs. With its electrifying and fantastic designs, it has brought sporty look and livelyness to thousands of living rooms across the world.

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I Was Asked Whether Times Tables Worksheets Are The Best Way For Your Children To Learn The Times Tables. My Answer Is No, There Is A Much Superior Method.


TonyL Lazar

At school children learn adding up and subtraction before they learn the times tables at which time they often come across times tables worksheets.

5+5=10, 4+4+4 = 12, so 2×5 =10, and, 3×4=12. The connection between adding and times tables becomes clearer.

The really important aspect of times tables that children need to learn early is that they need to be memorized well. So well that they know them in an instant.

Why? Because the times tables are the building blocks to so much else in maths and for dealing with the world outside of school.

Many mothers & fathers are concerned that schools do not teach the times tables as well as when they were at school and therefore resort to using times tables worksheets to teach their children the tables.

The memories of school often include recalling rows of desks and the whole class chanting a particular table in an attempt to learn it by rote.

1×4 is4, 2×4 is 8,3×4 is 12 etc all the way up to 12×4 is 48.

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This is rote learning and there is only one word for it BORING!

Teaching in schools is certainly different now ,however, to quote Rob Eastaway and Professor Mike Askew, they have never come across a school that doesn’t want children to know their tables, or multiplication bonds as some educationalists now like to call them.

Times tables are therefore being taught by schools.

What about for parents? Are Times Tables Worksheets the thing to use to help your children or is there a better way. Is there a different way that makes it really easy for children to remember the times tables?

Times Tables Worksheets can be easily acquired from the internet or from your local bookshop.

Typically these worksheets contain times tables questions and your children have to fill in the answers.

What is the answer to 4×3? And say 5×9 etc.

Do these times tables worksheet questions help your children remember the times tables?

Well, to be able to answer a question means your children must already know the answer so the act of answering it does not mean the question is necessarily helping with remembering them.

Of course rather than actually knowing an answer your children might actually work out the answer.

My friend and colleague, Alan McMahon, remembers doing this all the time when he was a child learning the times tables.

The answer to 6×9 please. I know it, I know it! 2×9 is 18, 3×9 is 27, all the way to 6×9 is 54.

This calculation means that your children have not memorized the times tables.

Times tables worksheets definitely can be improved on as a method of helping your children to learn the times tables.

If times tables worksheets are not the best what is?

Your child needs a system of learning the times tables that results in the times tables being easily remembered.

They need a method that is masses of fun and uses visual images, and the tables themselves, to create a memory of the tables including the answers.

If you encourage your children to remember the times tables using such a method they will become embedded in their memories.

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