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Nowadays, the users are becoming more found of digitalized for shopping and searching new information etc. As the matter of fact, it has become a necessity due to various reasons like connecting people through social media websites, for exchanging of information through from online, for students Educational purpose like joining online certification courses, to keep in touch with the updated news, to utilize work from home opportunity, for entertainment like downloading movies and songs and checking out movie reviews, promoting your own business, searching for favorite stuff, playing games, learning new things, paying monthly utility bills, booking tickets for movie and travelling, for online shopping etc.

Going for an internet connection for all the above needs, though it is necessary a user feel more affordable. Depending upon the ease of use, the telecommunication sector forcing the products manufacturing and service providing companies to come up with new offers. Therefore Reliance Company took a great opportunity to satisfy the user needs by introducing a new scheme i.e., free Wi-Fi and free voice calls till March 31st 2017 with Reliance Jio 4G network.

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Reliance Jio connects you with the world. Enjoy seamless connectivity, custom made plans, high speed internet access and value added services with Jio. Jio offering a full suite of communication services, ranging from voice, data and media transmission with full of clarity. Among all Telecommunication networks the Reliance Jio Sim offering attractive offers like free internet, voice calls and roaming free within India. User can have more apps and free access to Jio apps as well. For the reason, the Reliance Jio 4G Sim cards seem to be in high demand. People are very enthusiastic to purchase Jio sim, but the problem is that, there are limited stores compared to purchasing customers.

Therefore Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) started online sales through ecommerce websites. These websites started taking online registration for Sim cards to deliver the same to customers door step. Some of the websites have already been started delivering the sim cards to metro cities. Buying a sim through online compare to direct is easier. One can enjoy buying Jio sim online with advantages like checking for offers, choosing your numbers, submitting your documents, verification etc by sitting at home. One can collect the preferred Sim card at your door step without any time consuming process. After ordering the entire process till activation of sim card takes place through online. The process of buying through online is user friendly, therefore users are more interested to buy from online compare to direct stores.

While the 10 digit connection has become our personal identity today, yet getting the best 10 digits effortlessly still stand as a challenge. In this age of instant delivery, there was an immense space for a SIM delivery system. 10digi aims to bridge that gap and fill in the void of a simple and easy SIM delivery digital system.

Whether you request for a connection from the website or 10digi application (Playstore and iOS store) or download the 10digi app from the Google Playstore or the iTunes. Mobile Retailer will be at your doorstep at desired time to collect requisite documents and deliver SIM. We will ensure instant SIM activation for e-KYC subscribers, within 4 hours for prepaid and 8 hours for postpaid, for non-e-KYC subscribers.

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Great Brake-through by Mazda


Anthony Fontanelle

Car Brake Technology has rapidly evolved over the years to suit the continuous demands of car owners for safety. This demand was met successfully by auto makers, but one name remains to define consistency in its brake system, and that is the Mazda car. From the moment that a driver steps on the brake pedal, the transmission of force from the foot to the brakes through a fluid takes place. But since the actual brakes require a much greater force than one could possibly apply with the leg, the car must also multiply the force of the foot.

Next, the brakes will transmit the force to the tires using friction, while the tires transmit that force on the road through friction as well. To make sure that the brakes will create friction, the keen driver must rely on his rotors to execute the job. The wise driver, on the other hand, will rely on the Mazda rotors. The Mazda rotors are the flat disc-like plates that provide the friction surface in a disc brake. When hydraulic pressure is applied to the caliper, the brake pads are squeezed against both sides of the rotor producing friction and heat. Some rotors have cooling fins between both faces and are called “vented” rotors.

The Mazda rotors should always be resurfaced when new pads are installed. If worn beyond safe limits, cracked or severely warped, the rotor must be replaced. Sometimes, deep scores get worn into the Mazda rotors. This can happen if a worn-out brake pad is left on the car for too long. Brake rotors can also warp—that is, lose their flatness. If this happens, the brakes may shudder or vibrate when you stop. Both of these problems can sometimes be fixed by refinishing (also called turning or machining) the rotors. Some materials are removed from both sides of the rotors to restore the flat, smooth surface.

Given such an arduous task indeed, one can assume that only with the Japanese ingenuity of Mazda can it be deemed successful. The consistency in providing highly efficient rotors that are both durable and less expensive has kept Mazda nailed to the top choice of drivers.

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Anthony Fontanelle is a 35-year-old automotive buff who grew up in the Windy City. He does freelance work for an automotive magazine when he is not busy customizing cars in his shop.

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Great Brake-through by Mazda